Counselling for Adults

Helping You Discover What You Need To Live Well

Ruth Coward Counselling offers Person-Centred Therapeutic Interventions, Coaching, Support, Training and Consultancy specialising in working with Carers as well as for those being Cared For, and for Older Adults.

Currently delivering sessions online or via telephone

Helping You Discover What You Need To Live Well


Counselling gives you time and space to creatively explore ways to cope with current stresses.  Talking to someone who is otherwise unconnected to you can be very liberating and healing. It's our stories that connect us to each other and our environment and feeling truly heard is one of the first steps to recovery.   

Currently available online or via telephone.


Coaching focuses on a specific issue with which you feel stuck and unable to make progress.  Perhaps there's a particular aspect of your personal or professional life which you feel could be more productive and satisfying. Coaching uses practical tools to help you examine the present circumstances in order to help you move forward.

Currently available online or via telephone.

Well Now with Carers

At a time when the preoccupation with what we eat and how we look is prevalent everywhere,  Well Now Courses - devised by Lucy Aphramor and offered under license by Ruth - invite participants  to explore their relationship with food, the body and wellbeing with the potential to bring about peace and deep change.

Small groups - currently available online.

 Training and Consultancy

Bespoke training and consultancy  available for groups and individuals engaged in a caring role. Areas covered include looking at the transition from home into care home; exploring 'dignity and respect'; responses to dementia and / or ageing in general; and 'What Do You See?' Training (devised by Dignity Campaigner Amanda Waring)

Currently available online or via telephone